Grandmother’s Giant Page of Craft Links – the Thursday 13s

2015 Thursday 13s

>A round up of Garden Crafts from Grandmother Wren’s Thursday 13 archives

>Growing Vegetables in Containers – 13 Ways – the Thursday 13

>The Thursday 13 – Plant a Theme Garden – 13 Ideas

>Poppy Crafts for Memorial Day – the Thursday 13

>The Thursday 13 – Throw the Best Summer Block Party – 13 Ideas

>Thirteen Isn’t That Clever! Campfire Treats – the Thursday 13

>The Thursday 13 – Dads Love Bacon! – 13 Bacon Recipes to Wow Him on Father’s Day

>It’s Time for Christmas in July! 13 Christmas Ornaments to Make with Natural Materials from Your Own Backyard – the Thursday 13

2014 Thursday 13s


>Thursday 13 – Art, Craft and Creativity Challenges for the New Year!

>January Crafting – 13 of the Cutest Penguin Crafts

>Thursday 13 – Cute and Clever Mitten and Glove Crafts

>The Thursday 13 – More Penguin Crafts

>Thursday 13 – Quick, Easy and Different Valentine Treats



2013 Thursday 13s


>Thursday 13 – just in time for Thanksgiving – No Bake Pies to Share

>Thursday 13 – How many ways can a kid craft a turkey? 13 crafts you may not have seen…

>Thursday 13 – Crafts and Activitites to Express Your Thankfulness at Thanksgiving

>Thursday 13 – Happy Halloween Light Shows!

>Thursday 13 – Halloween Meals – quick, easy, fun!

>Thursday 13 – Best Halloween Websites for Kids

>The Thursday 13 – Why not? 13 Recipes Using Cream Corn

>Thursday 13 – Thirteen of the Best Scarecrow Crafts

>Thursday 13 – Seasoned Popcorn Recipes

>Thursday 13 – Easy and Warm – Knit and Crochet Socks, free patterns


>Thursday 13 – Make Your Own Wind Chimes

>Thursday 13 – Garden Art from Junk

>Thursday 13 – Creative Container Ideas for Your Garden

>Thursday 13 – Fairy Garden Ideas and Accessories

>Thursday 13 – Make a Bird Feeder for Your Garden – from recyclables!

>Thursday 13 – Make a Spring Wreath for Your Front Door

>Thursday 13 – More Garden Craft Ideas


>Thursday 13 – A is for Archery

>Thursday 13 – Fun Things to Make with Balloons

>Thursday 13 – Dog Toys You Can Make for Summer Fun with Your Dog

>Thursday 13 – Great Websites for Kids Who Like to Cook

>Thursday 13 – It’s too Hot! Ideas for Cool Summer Fun

>I is for…Ice Cream Treats – 13 recipes for the Thursday 13

>Thursday 13 – Crafting with Kool Aid

>Thursday 13 – The Moon and the Stars on a Summer Night – craft ideas

>Thursday 13 – Make Your Own Popsicles – 13 recipes


>Thursday 13 – Back to School Crafts


Grandmother Wren’s Thursday 13s from 2012 – 2008


>Thursday 13 – Thirteen More Challenges for 2013

>Thursday 13 – New Year’s Eve craft ideas


>Thursday 13 – Quick and Easy Christmas Gift Ideas

>Thursday 13 – The Best (free) Christmas Patterns to Knit and Crochet – a collection of links from Grandmother’s Patternbook

>The Thursday 13 – No Bake Christmas Cookie Recipes

>The Thursday 13 – Gifts In A Jar – Soup Mixes

>The Thursday 13 – Looking Ahead to Your Peaceful Holidays – Holiday Planners and Checklists


>The Thursday 13 Not Just Jack-O-Lanterns – Pumpkin Crafts

>The Thursday 13 – Bats!

>The Thursday 13 – Apple Crafts for Kids – New Ideas

>The Thursday 13 – Apple Season – Apple Salad, Apple Relish, Apple Chutney

>The Thursday 13 – Crafting with Acorns

>The Thursday 13 – Back to School – Book Covers – free patterns


>The Thursday 13 – Fun Softies Made from Gloves and Mittens

>The Thursday 13 – Very Cute! Toys from Socks – free patterns

>The Thursday 13 – Corn Harvest Art and Crafts


>The Thursday 13 – Bored? Got a plastic water bottle? Make something!

>The Thursday 13 – “Different Ways” with Blueberries

>The Thursday 13 – Creative Watermelons – carve one for your next picnic – here’s how…

>The Thursday 13 – more than shortcake – Strawberry Recipes

>The Thursday 13 – Make Cat Toys for Your Cat

>The Thursday 13 – Picnic Salads for a Crowd

>The Thursday 13 – Recipes Your Dog Will Love

>The Thursday 13 – April Showers Bring…. 13 ideas for your umbrella!

>The Thursday 13 – Fun for April – National Frog Month – Frog Craft Ideas


>The Thursday 13 – Easter Breads – 13 recipes

>The Thursday 13 – Creative DIY Easter Basket Ideas

>The Thursday 13 – Creative Easter Egg Decorating Ideas


>Thursday 13 – Back to School for Bloggers – Learn how to have a Really Great blog!

>The Thursday 13 – Father’s Day Craft Ideas

>Thursday 13 – What Shall We Do This Summer? Hundreds Of Ideas


>The Thursday 13 – Devotions and Activities for a Meaningful Lenten Season


>Thursday 13 – Celebrating Advent – Ideas and Resources


>The Thursday 13 – Celebrate Make A Hat Day With Dozens Of Free Hat Patterns

>September is Apple Month! Thirteen Ways To Enjoy Apples – Apple Crafts, Apple Activities, Apple Recipes

>Thursday Thirteen – Are You Looking For Free Back To School Graphic And Clipart?

>The Thursday 13 – Thirteen Boredom Busting Puppets

>The Thursday 13 – Celebrate Judy Garland’s Birthday With 13 (free!) Vintage Book Downloads From The Land Of Oz

>The Thursday 13 – A Cure For Summer Boredom – Thirteen Vintage Magic Tricks To Amuse You And Amaze Your Friends

>The Thursday 13 – Bathing Suit Patterns


>The Thursday 13 – Free Printables and Graphics For Mother’s Day

>Free – For Your Garden!


>Celebrate March! With the Thursday 13 and Leprechauns

>The Thursday 13 – Easy Valentine Ideas

>The Thursday 13 – International Snow Sculpture Week

>The Thursday 13 – Small Space Decorating

>The Thursday 13 – Armchair Travel For The Winter Weary Soul

>The Thursday 13 – Celebrate January’s National Puzzle Month


>The Thursday 13 – Free Patterns For Christmas Mittens! 


>The Thursday 13 – Summertime Crafts for the 4th of July 

>the Thursday Thirteen – It’s Strawberry Season – Enjoy!

>A Thursday 13 for Children’s Book Week

>the Thursday Thirteen – May Day and Spring Crafts for your children


>The Thursday 13 – Thrifty Easter Basket Ideas

>Thursday 13 – Maple Sugar Season – learning activities to share with your children

>St. Patrick’s Day – the Thursday Thirteen – Links to lesson plan and activity ideas

>January is National Hobby Month – Or – Thirteen ways to cure your kid’s cabin fever


>Thirteen Free Printables Great for Gift Giving

>This week’s Thursday Thirteen – a list of snowflake patterns and crafts 

>Thursday Thirteen – kids and pinecones – 13 pinecone crafts

>Planning a preschool “Little Red Hen” theme? Here are some ideas you can use…


>Halloween Paperdolls

>Bread, Bread, and More Bread…it’s time for the Need to Knead Bread Roundup

>Thursday Thirteen – Easy Knit and Crochet Sock Patterns


>Need free fall graphics for your blog or website? Here they are!

>Planning a preschool apple theme? 13 places to find ideas –

>Thursday Thirteen – More resources for your at home preschooler

>Thursday Thirteen – Corn Crafts

>this week’s Thursday Thirteen – homeschool/preschool: a Big List of Links

>Thursday Thirteen – keeping it simple – children’s birthday party ideas


>Thursday Thirteen – Christmas in July

>Thursday Thirteen – It’s Magic! 

>Thursday Thirteen – Grand Adventures for grandparents, parents and grandchildren – without going far from home

>Thursday Thirteen – all about dolls – poems, quotes and songs

>Little girls, dolls and doll clothes – make it from scratch with the Thursday thirteen

>Thursday Thirteen – Fun Ideas for your water or sensory bin

>Celebrating National Library Week – A List of 13 Online Libraries to Visit

>No Room For A Traditional Garden? 13 (Very!) Creative Container Gardening Ideas

>Thursday Thirteen – 13 Great Garden Projects for Kids

>Learning in the Great Outdoors


>Thirteen Ideas For A Lucky St. Patrick’s Day

>Thursday Thirteen – 13 Creative and Inexpensive Easter Basket Ideas

>Thursday Thirteen – 13 Great Links From Grandmother’s Recipe Box

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