Book Connections – Learning with The Little Red Hen


>you’ll find this wonderful old-timey version of The Little Red Hen here at Project Gutenberg



>another nice version read aloud in this video


Little Red Hen
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>Little Red Hen lesson plan from A Book A Week – includes printable cut-outs to make felt board figures





>Sharon McElmeel has a lesson plan for comparing different versions (“variant retellings”) of The Little Red Hen – good for slightly older children




>a video from showing bread from wheat to loaf. Visit their site for lesson plans from kindergarten through upper grades, games and giveaways.


from Grandmother’s Archives

>Planning a preschool “Little Red Hen” theme? Here are some ideas you can use…

>The Little Red Hen felt board

>Free for Friday – The Little Red Hen – published in 1918

>Little Red Hen Bread – starting our sourdough starter

>from sourdough starter to our first loaf of sourdough bread


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