Baking Bread with Kids – continuing the Little Red Hen theme



Maya and I have baked a lot of bread over the years.

It’s a natural activity to accompany the Little Red Hen book unit

Here are a few resources to give you recipes, tips and ideas


>Kara at Simply Kids has Baking Bread with Children


>visit something edible for Four ingredients, a zip-top bag, and the patience of a saint: Baking bread with preschoolers. – for an artisan type bread that would be a lot of fun to make



>How Stuff Works Bread Making video



>Bread-making: teaching science in primary school



> has a list of 25 Blogs with Mouth Watering Tips for Making Homemade Bread with the Kids


>quick and easy, combining both bread and eggs (from the book theme) visit with Maya in 2008 when she made toast cups with eggs!





One thought on “Baking Bread with Kids – continuing the Little Red Hen theme

  1. Made the bread in the ziploc bag today – Yum! It turned out chewey inside and crisp outside. When you check it after 2 hours of proofing it does not look like much, but have no fear, it plumps up when it bakes. Use a rubber spatula to remove the dough from the cut bag – it comes right off. Great for kids – the mess of mixing and kneading is all in the bag.

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