Baking Bread with Kids – continuing the Little Red Hen theme



Maya and I have baked a lot of bread over the years.

It’s a natural activity to accompany the Little Red Hen book unit

Here are a few resources to give you recipes, tips and ideas


>Kara at Simply Kids has Baking Bread with Children


>visit something edible for Four ingredients, a zip-top bag, and the patience of a saint: Baking bread with preschoolers. – for an artisan type bread that would be a lot of fun to make



>How Stuff Works Bread Making video



>Bread-making: teaching science in primary school



> has a list of 25 Blogs with Mouth Watering Tips for Making Homemade Bread with the Kids


>quick and easy, combining both bread and eggs (from the book theme) visit with Maya in 2008 when she made toast cups with eggs!





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