H is for… it’s Too Hot! Ideas for Cool Summer Fun – the Thursday 13

1. visit the library – it’s air conditioned and filled with fun!



2. ice building blocks – freeze water in a variety of small containers, add ice cubes to the mix and you have everything your kids need to build really cool “ice-scapes”



3. make it more fun by freezing little treasures in the ice



4. sculpt with salt, color and ice

Blog, Gelatin Giggles & Ice Sculptures 014


5. an easy to make strawberry ice cream cake



 6. play sponge ball


7.beat the heat with this frozen washcloth craft



8. keep spray bottles of cold water handy – spritz kids as needed!



9. eat smart – melons, like cantalope and watermelon, are 95% water – great for keeping the kids extra hydrated



10.Try a heat snorkeling system. Take a glass and fill it almost to the brim with ice cubes. Hold it up to your mouth and blow gently into the cup. The ice causes the air you are blowing into the cup to cool down drastically, and since the air only has one way out of the cup (the hole which should now be aiming right at your face) the cold air is forced out over your skin.



11. Think cool. Read books about climbing Mount Everest, visiting Norway, or watch winter movies like “March of the Penguins” and “Ice Age.” You might not be physically cooler, but if your mind envisions a cold environment, you might feel a bit cooler.



12.paint a cute watermelon fan



13. don’t forget your dog! make this cool doggy ice lick



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