G is for … Giving


Summer gives us extra time to be with our kids and gives the kids extra time to experience the good feeling of giving and helping others. Here are some links to ideas that help your kids learn that they can make a difference in the world around them.

>Shine Brighter Kids Charity Club offers a Web portal of charity ideas for kids, families and youth organizations.

>for teens – Do Something.org – I wouldn’t use this site for younger kids – I don’t care for some of the language used ( I suppose to appeal to teen readers?) or even a couple of the causes but there are a lot of positive action ideas for older kids to get involved in independently. In spite of a couple of drawbacks, it’s a really good site for budding teen activists.



>Volunteer Guide invites you to “Volunteer on Demand” – Anywhere. Anytime. Even now – in as few as 15 minutes

> the random acts of Kindness foundation


>Big Hearted Families -a nonprofit site full of family service ideas, kindness activities, tips, and motivation to help your busy family grow big hearts.

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