E is for…Eating – Great Sites for Kids Who Like to Cook – the Thursday 13

1. Spatulatta: Cooking 4 Kids Online



2. Rachael Ray Kids


3. All Recipes Kid Cooking 


4. Kids a Cookin’ – Where Cooking is Fun



5. Annabel’s Kids Cooking


6. It’s My Turn to Cook Tonightbe sure to sign up for the free online kid’s summer program July 15 -17



7. Kids in the Kitchen


8. free Children’s Favorites Cookbook (pdf)


9. from the Food Network – Kids and Families – Cook Together, Eat Together



10. Nick Jr. Kids Recipes



11. PBS Kids Recipes




12. Sprout Recipes for the Littlest Cooks



13. Solusville – a healthy neighborhood – lots of fun food games



>enjoy more of the Thursday 13 – visit thursday-13.com

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