C is for…Cool Crafts with Food Coloring

> pretty tinted flowers



>try it with Queen Anne’s lace – very pretty!

blue flower



>make a lava lamp

Lava lamp



>paper doily butterflies




>dye untreated wood for projects (craft sticks, toothpicks, ornaments, twigs – any untreated wood!)




>“sea glass” from food coloring and glue




>slime is fun

slime 7



>frozen food color tie dye

Frozen Food Color Tie Dye Shirt Final



>and more traditional tie dye – still using food colors

Tie-DyeShirt 10



>coffee filter flowers









One thought on “C is for…Cool Crafts with Food Coloring

  1. These will be fun for the daycare babes (maybe not the tie-dye, although icecubes would not be too messy).

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