A is for Archery – the Thursday 13

Our girl has decided she wants to be an archer.
An eight year old archer.
We’ll see. There are a few obstacles she’ll need to overcome.
She needs to find a place to practice her archer skills. She’ll be spending the summer with her grandparents and we live in a senior housing complex. The lease prohibits firearms and fireworks but doesn’t mention anything about bows – probably an oversight? Maybe we can find a spot in the yard that won’t put our elderly neighbors in danger of being impaled with an arrow?
There will probably be an addendum to next year’s lease.

Until then, here are aome archery crafts to keep us busy.


1. a mini popsicle stick bow with a q tip arrow



2. lots of make-your-own bows and arrows on this page – they look pretty lethal – a bit beyond what we’re looking for



3. ahh…here we go – an archery set made with bamboo garden stakes and wine corks!



4. printable soda can targets



5. a paper quiver 



6. this site has junior archery sets with rubber tipped arrows – I like these!



7. bows made from PVC pipe



8. arrows from dowels



9. vinyl quivers



10. hoop targets



11. and a little girl’s birthday Archery Party! fun! (and we have a birthday coming in August….)


12here’s another PVC bow tutorial from another creative Mom



13. a collection of archery themed coloring pages

Turns out at-home archery is quite do-able for an eight year old.
Who would have thought?
There will still probably be a new clause in next year’s lease.

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