Create a Winter Wonderland from Sugar

The next time you have friends in for cocoa on a frosty morning, surprise them with a charming scene of old-fashioned skaters on a pond – a scene you’ve created from sugar.

Here’s how to do it:

Spread a layer of newspapers on your work surface to catch excess sugar. Cover these newspapers with waxed paper to keep the frosted sugar shapes from sticking. Assemble this sugar wonderland, or any such large scene, inside a shallow box lid to make it easier to move.

Now you can improvise to your heart’s content. In the scene pictured, the pond is an unframed mirror. The skaters, snowman, and street lamp are acetate cutouts available at scrapbook supply shops. You could substitute tiny dolls and miniature plastic toys.

To duplicate this scene, put a mirror in the middle of the box lid. Surround it with mounds of sugar to simulate a snow-covered landscape. Use your fingertips to make tiny footprints leading to the edge of the mirror.

For a park bench, use two sugar tablets for the seat and one cube for the base, cementing them together with drops of powdered-sugar icing. Paint the bench green with food coloring, but leave its edges snow-white.

Build the trees with sugar cubes and tablets in whatever arrangements you like using a small amount of powdered-sugar icing to hold them together. Some trees can be made by simply stacking the cubes in ever-decreasing numbers from the base up. As you near the top, cut sugar tablets into smaller pieces, using a hacksaw or a serrated knife sawing across the tablet. (Using a straight-edged knife or kitchen shears will splinter and crack the tablet.) Decorate the trees with garlands of green-tinted icing and gumdrops, as shown, or paint them with food coloring.

When the scene is complete, move it to the table where it is to be displayed. If minor touching up is needed, conceal the edges of the box lid with more sugar.

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