Celebrate Advent with a Blessings Bank


I grabbed this idea from my email this morning –

what a blessing!

We're going to have to catch up a bit today – the collecting of recognized blessings should begin on the day after Thanksgiving – but after a flurry of counting blessings today, we'll be up to date.

Because this came to me as a pass-along email, I don't know who to give the credit to for the original? Please let me know if you know the source of this Super- Super Family Advent Idea so I can give credit.


Make a small gold box or decorate an empty box to be used as a bank…Place it in the middle of your kitchen table and once a day for the next 38 days, you will be placing love offerings in it….Decide with the Children who you will donate the love gift. to.

Day 1…Friday after Thanksgiving….One out of 5 children live in poverty lacking adequate clothing…Give 2 cents for each pair of socks, tights, or pantyhose each child has

Day 2...Are you thankful for the gift of electricity? Give 2 cents for each light bulb in your house.

Day 3...Would you rather live in the dim light of candles? Give 2 cents for each candle in your house.

Day 4...Most of the world's population lives beyond the reach of medical care…Give 10 cents for each box of band aids in your house…An extra dime if they are not flesh colored.

Day 5…Are you thankful you have a roof and doors to keep out the wind and rain? Give 10 cents for each exterior door your house has.

Day 6...Are you thankful for all your clothes? Give a nickel for each closet in your house.

Day 7…Are you glad you have indoor plumbing? Give 5 cents for every roll of TP in your house, counting all the stored away rolls.

Day 8…To people in refugee camps, even a thin sliver of soap is precious…Give 5 cents for each bar your family has…A dime for each soap pump.

Day 9…Think of something nice you can do for a poor family in your community and do it today. Maybe give them some homemade bread or make something special to brighten their day. If you can't, put a dollar in the box and be exceedingly grateful for all your own blessings.

Day 10...Do you walk to town to get a bucket of water for washing, drinking, bathing or cooking? Or are you blessed with faucets that bring precious water to you? Give 10 cents for each faucet you have and don't forget the outside ones.

Day 11...Still thinking of water, how did you get clean today? Give 10 cents if you took a bath, 25 cents for a shower.

Day 12…Most of the people in this worked are starving while Americans biggest concern is being overweight. Put in a penny for each pound your mother and father think they are overweight.

Day 13…What a blessing to be able to see and have eye doctors to help us. Give 10 cents for each pair of glasses your family members wear…And a quarter for each pair of sunglasses.

Day 14…Most people in the world who are blind do not have eye doctors to help them. Give a quarter for each person in your house that wears contact lenses.

Day 15…Jesus loves the little children. Give thanks and a dollar for every child in your family and do a secret good deed for them today.

Day 16...How would you like to live in your car as some families do? Give a dime for every vehicle in your family.

Day 17…What if you lived on the streets like so many in south America do? Give thanks for your home and give 5 cents for every pillow in your home…Don't forget the decorative ones also.

Day 18…Epidemics often follow natural disasters. Give thanks if no one in your house has been too sick this month to go to work or school and donate 50 cents.

Day 19…The comfort of a clean bed in an undreamed of luxury for millions in of the worlds poor people. Give 5 cents for each bed in your house.

Day 20…Did a cozy blanket cover you last night? Give a penny for every blanket in your house.

Day 21…Was it cold enough to wear a coat today? Were you thankful for your coat? Give a penny for every coat, jacket or raincoat in your house.

Day 22...In some countries of the world, most people can't read. Are you thankful you can read? Put in a penny for every book in your home….(Yes, for most of us this is an expensive on)

Day 23...By now you have received many Christmas cards from many loving friends and family members. Give a penny for each card and be thankful for God's love.

Day 24…Most of the world's population has never seen a supermarket. Instead of they scratch out their sustenance with primitive tools. Give 5 cents for every garden tool in your garage.

Day 25...Most people in the world cook over an open fire. Aren't you glad your parents did not send your out to chop wood this morning? Give 5 cents for every burner on your stove and a nickel for every oven.

Day 26…Aren't you glad that you have people that love and think about you? Put in 10 cents for each gift under the tree that is for you.

Day 27…Jesus was born and died for you. Put in a dollar for every person that has been baptized and believes in Christ.

Day 28…Unfortunately this is the time of year in which many people suffer loss in house fires. Give 10 cents for every phone in your house in which you can dial 911 in case of emergency.

Day 29…Many people in the world suffer excruciating pain from the lack of dental care. Have you ever been grateful for toothbrushes? Give 5 cents for every toothbrush in your house.

Day 30..Do you own a pet? Give a quarter for each pet and say a prayer for all the children in the work who cant afford to feed themselves let alone a pet.

Day 31…Many children in the world barely get one meal a day. How many did you have? Give thanks and five cents for each meal and 10 cents for each snack today.

Day 32…Would you like to have to walk to school, to church or the store? Most people in the world walk every where they go…Give 10 cents for each bike, pair of skates, skateboard or anything else that has wheels.

Day 33…"Give us this day our daily bread". Thank God for feeding you today and give one penny for every slice of bread in your house.

Day 34...Count all the cans in your cupboard or pantry. Give a penny for each one of them as you thank God for the technology to can foods.

Day 35...Count all the packages of frozen foods and meat in your freezer, Thank God for refrigeration and give a penny for each you counted.

Day 36...Make a list of all the fruits and vegetable God created that you can name, Put in a penny for each one of the list.

Day 37. Many children in the world do not have a school to go to and barely learn to read or write. Give a penny for every pencil in your house.

Day 38...Most people in the world have never touched a computer. If there is one in your home, put in 50 cents, and extra for a scanner, 50 cents for the printer and and if you spend more than an a hour each day on line…Give an extra dollar!!

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