Tuesday’s Tip – Make A Parrot For Your Teapot

A Felt Holder for a Teapot Handle

The parrot's shape and the parrot's brilliant scheme of coloring have been the suggestions for the attractive addition to the tea-table which is shown in Fig. 1. Its use is to protect from injury the hand that " pours."

Its color scheme may be adapted to the rest of the tea-service or to the color scheme of the dining-room. Our model is made up in an analogy of yellow, orange and red, balanced with black and white.

Fig. 2 shows the pattern drawn or cut on paper which is three by eight and one-half inches in size.

Fig. 3 shows the pattern laid on a piece of folded felt, orange in color. The parrot shapes must appear alike on both sides, in the finished holder, and they must be joined together as shown in Fig. 4.

Fig. 5 shows that all cut edges are covered with a blanket stitch,and that the edges of the head and tail are button-holed together, leaving an opening in which the handle of the tea-pot is to be slipped.

Fig. 6 shows the steps in developing the decoration. Duplicate pieces of black felt are cut for bill, comb and wing. White shapes are added for eyes and for wing decorations. These shapes are first pasted in place and afterwards secured with stitches of yarn. The finishing touch is supplied in a red bead, sewed on the white circle which locates the eye.


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