The Thursday 13 – A Cure For Summer Boredom – Thirteen Vintage Magic Tricks To Amuse You And Amaze Your Friends

from the 1931 edition of A Bag of Tricks by the (self described) :) Famous Magician WILL L. LINDHORST

1. How To Balance A Glass On A Playing Card

Place a glass on top edge of playing card held in hand, holding face of card toward the audience, meanwhile balancing glass with forefinger of hand as shown in above drawing. Finger is hidden by card from audience, and it appears that glass is actually being balanced on edge of card.

2. How To Spin An Egg

Take a hard-boiled egg, put a small identifying mark on it, and place it in a bowl of eggs that have not been boiled. Bring the bowl before an audience and ask someone to select an egg and spin it on end. It will be found impossible to make the eggs with soft yolks spin, while the performer will find it easy to spin the one that is hard boiled.

3. How To Tell In Which Hand A Coin Is Concealed

The performer turns his back, and asks someone to hold a coin in one hand, and close and invert both hands.
The person holding the coin then is asked to lift the coin hand to the forehead and lower it, at the same time say-ing, “Ready.”
The performer, turning around, will note that the hand holding the coin is drawn tighter, retarding the blood circulation, and appears whiter than the other.

4. How To Blow A Candle Out Through A Bottle

Light a candle and place it behind a large bottle. Then blow hard at the bottle and the candle will go out. The secret is that the air currents pass around the sides of the bottle, thereby reaching the candle.

5. The Magic Egg – One Egg Sinks, One Egg Floats

Take two tall glasses or mason jars, fill one and half fill the other with water. In the half-filled glass pour a few tablespoonfuls of salt. When the salt is dissolved, and has turned the water into brine, fill the remainder of the glass with clear water, pouring it in slowly down the side of the glass, so as not to disturb the brine. Then take the two glasses and an egg before your audience. Drop the egg in the glass of clear water, and it will sink to the bottom. Drop it in the glass containing the brine, and it will float midway in the glass, supported by the brine. Both glasses appear to hold clear water, and it is mystifying to onlookers as to why the egg should stop midway in one glass.

6. The Mysterious Number 3

On one side of a piece of paper write these numbers, 1— 2—3—4, making each number a little larger than the preced-ing one. On the reverse side write this question: “Why did you select number three?” With the paper prepared in this manner, hand it to some person with the numbered side up, and ask the person to select a number. Almost invariably number three will be selected, and when this happens, turn the paper over, and lo! the selected number has been mys-teriously predicted on the reverse side. Why most people se-lect number three is difficult to explain. It may be that num-bers are thought of in cycles of three, and a person will un-consciously select the third number. If, as in rare instances, number three should not be selected, the tricks falls flat, and will have to be tried on someone else.

7. How To Make A Person’s Arm Raise As If Hypnotized

Ask someone to hold his arm perfectly straight and to press the BACK of the hand flat against a wall. Order the subject to hold the arm in this position while you slowly count five. Then tell the person to lower the arm, and entirely relax it. While it is being lowered, you make passes over the arm, pretending to hypnotize it. Then after the arm hangs limp it will begin to rise again without any conscious direction on the part of its possessor.

8. How To Tell The Number Of Relatives A Person Has

Select a person from your audience and inform him that you can tell how many brothers, sisters and grandparents he has without know-ing beforehand. Have him sit at a table with pencil and paper, then you turn your back and instruct him to do the following: To write down the number of brothers he has. Suppose he writes 2. He is then told to multiply this by 2, which is 4, add 3, which totals 7, and multiply this by 5, which gives an answer of 35. He is then told to add the number of sisters, and he writes 2, which gives 37. He multiplies this by 10 and gets 370, and is then instructed to add the number of grand-parents, which we’ll suppose to be 2, and the total is 372. Then he sub-tracts I5O from this, and the final answer is 222. You then turn around and tell the person that the first number of the answer represents the number of brothers, the second the number of sisters and the third the grandparents. This will invariably work out, even when there may be no brothers or sisters.

9. How To Tell The Color Of A Crayon

Take six soft crayons, hand them to a person, and ask him to wrap one up and hide the others. When he has wrapped the crayon, you take it, hold it between your hands and behind your back, and inform the person that you can tell the color of the wrapped crayon by the way it feels. As you hold it behind your back, unwrap it, and rub the end of crayon on the nail of your thumb. Then wrap it again, hand it back to the person, and as you do so, glance at your thumb nail. The color of the crayon will be easily visible on the nail.

10. How To Fill A Glass Twice Without Emptying Its Contents

Fill a glass with water. Then drop about 200 pins in the water. If this is done carefully the water,will not overflow, and the glass will have been filled twice without emptying the first contents.

11. How To Make A Dime Vanish

Hold a dime in your right hand, and a person’s hand with your left. Tell the person that you will place a dime in the palm of his hand three times, and the last time it will dis-appear. Instruct him that each time the dime touches his palm, the hand must be immediately closed. Swing your arm quickly three times from the top of your head to his hand each time pressing the coin into the palm, and withdrawing it. Before you lower your arm the third time, leave the dime on top of your head, and press your thumb nail into the palm instead. Then tell the person that the coin, which he believes is still held in his hand, has disappeared. Examination will reveal that this is true, the secret being that pressing the coin into the palm creates a feeling in the hand that the coin is there.

12. How To Pick Up Five Bricks With One Hand

Get five bricks and ask any person in your audience to lift the bricks with one hand. If nobody succeeds, you do the trick in this manner. Stand one brick lengthwise with the narrow side up, and above this place two more, standing them crosswise, one on each end of the lower brick. Place the re-maining two on top, crosswise to the middle bricks, and one near each end. You then have an opening in the center large enough through which to reach your hand, and grasp the bot-tom brick, thereby making it possible to lift all five with one hand. This can truly be called a Samson trick.

13. How To Make A Boomerang Circle The Room And Land At Your Feet

Make a boomerang, like the one in the drawing, out of cardboard or thin wood. Place the boomerang on a book, with one side extending over “the edge, and hold the book in front of you, slanting upward, and about parallel with your shoulders. With a pencil in your other hand strike the boom-erang, and it will circle the room, coming back and falling at your feet. The force with which you strike the boomerang must be regulated by the size of the room in which the trick is performed. If you strike it too hard in a small room, it will hit a wall, and if you strike it too softly, it may come back and hit you at the waist.

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