Celebrate March! With the Thursday 13 and Leprechauns

We are leprechaun crazy at our house this year –
Maya believes the chipmunk who lives in the stone wall is really a leprechaun in disguise.
Join in the fun with these leprechaun themed crafts and activities:

1. easy and cute – Wee Leprechaun craft from Family Fun

2. also from Family Fun – a challenge – Can You Let Go of the Leprechaun’s Gold?

3. leave a trail of Leprechaun Footprints – either by using this idea with construction paper

4. or if you don’t mind a bit of clean up – I dipped tiny doll shoes in washable gold glitter glue and stamped little footprints across the kitchen counters and cabinets. Fun!

5. the Crayola site has a Leprechaun Hat to make and wear

6. and here are some easy to make felt Leprechaun Hats to wear as pins or turn into refrigerator magnets

7. a Pot of Gold to hold a sweet treat

8. Rainbow and Shamrock mobile – very nice

9. printable Leprechaun Puppet

10. and Leprechaun Paper Dolls

11. leave a bit o’ Treats for the Leprechauns

12. Handprint Leprechauns

13. Don’t forget to try and Trap A Leprechaun!

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