This week’s MckLinky Blog Hop – Christmas Pictures

I’ve been procrastinating –
wanting to post the pictures of my Christmas projects and not quite getting around to it.
Grampy is posting our family Christmas pictures on his blog, so I think I’ll use the opportunity of another MckLinky Christmas blog hop and finally get my project pictures posted! :)

It was a season of knitting.
Moving and knitting.
We moved to our new apartment in late November – I spent weeks packing until I was exhausted, then curling up in my chair and knitting. I recommend this method to anyone facing a move – pack a little, knit a little –
It all works out in the end… :)

Here’s the knitting part –

I was “into” making handwarmers this year – those fingerless gloves that are appearing in all the winter pattern magazines –
I made a pair for my nephew


a pair for my Dad


and a cabled set for my Mom with a matching headband


A couple of scarves – cabled for a nephew


one from ribbon yarn for my niece


Mother and son mittens for another niece and her baby boy ( I made a set for Maya and her Mommy too )


But my favorite projects this year weren’t ones that I did –
they were a gift from my sister, Beth, to Maya and I.
Look at these knit sock monkeys!


Maya’s monkey is the lovely lady with the heart button earrings, mine is the sailor boy. We had a tea party using Grammy’s little tea set. Monkeys are very fond of tea. And Christmas cookies.

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