The Thursday 13 – Free Patterns For Christmas Mittens!


There is still plenty of time to prepare gifts of handmade love for Christmas. Pick one of these mitten patterns, grab your yarn, hooks and needles and Go!


1. Children’s mittens in basic crochet (pdf )

2. Preschool mittens, scarf and hat

3. Bev’s incredibly easy baby/toddler mittens

4. Mittens and scarf for adults – uses chunky yarn

5. Another pair for adults – nice pattern stitch


6. How to make fleece mittens


7. Knit mittens for men ( dp needles)

8. Broad street mittens/gloves combo

9. Speed knit two needle mittens

10. Two needle cable mittens

11. Two needle mittens for ladies/girls

12. Mittens on two needles – two pairs for men


Size 6 months to 1 year

Baby Yarn (1 oz ball), 1
1 pair straight knitting needles No. 3

RIGHT MITTEN: Cast on 36 sts. Work in ribbing of Kl, P1, for 15
rows. Work beading on next row as follows: * K1, YO, K2 tog; repeat
from * across row. Work in ribbing of Kl, P1, for 2 rows, then work
in pattern as follows: Row 1: (right side) Knit. Row 2: * K1, P2;
repeat from * across row. Repeat above 2 rows until piece measures
2 1/2 inches from ribbing. Decrease tip of mitten as follows: Row 1:
* K2 tog, K1, repeat from * across row. Row 2: P2 tog across row.
Row 3: K2 tog across row. Draw remaining sts tog and fasten off.
Sew side seam. Draw ribbon through beading as illustrated.

LEFT MITTEN: Work to correspond to right mitten.

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