The Homekeeper’s Journal for Wednesday, December 16


What’s happening in my home?….

In my kitchen… I finished the grocery shopping for the day-to-day meals from now until the new year yesterday. It’s good to know that the menu planning and food buying is behind me, leaving me free to concentrate on the holiday food shopping, cooking and baking.

With our marriage… We’re flowing along nicely, none of the bumping together or drifting apart that sometimes happens when the holidays come streaming in. We’re happy in our new little home, even the new little dog is being outstandingly cooperative! :)

With the children… Maya and I are busy with Christmas. We decided to make a gingerbread house. (not a good idea, by the way. My sister has the right idea about gingerbread houses. She uses this idea for making them with milk cartons and graham crackers. They turn out nicely and it’s just as much fun for the kids to make as the “official version”. Truth be told, it’s probably more fun because there aren’t any cross Grammy words muttering about collapsing walls and sliding peppermints :(

But when all was said and done –
it turned out to be a pretty nice little house – filled with more fond memories than trauma ( I hope!)




Tomorrow’s project is gingerbread men. Easy stuff compared to the house!

Around the homestead… we’re loving our teeny tiny house. The rest of the unpacking is on hold until after Christmas (it’s hard to unpack with a tree in the room!) but the boxes are tucked away nicely, the kitchen is all set up – it is Good. Very, very Good.

In my “Inner Man”…. I’m struggling with giving up the habit of worry in favor of accepting the peace of trust.


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