Decorating For The Holidays Blog Hop – Decorate Grandmother With This Christmas Cross-Stitch Apron!


Thank you to JT Locke at The Frugal Housewife for hosting the Decorating For The Holidays Blog Hop!

Here’s my entry – a cross-stitch apron, place mat and napkin set


Red gingham with approximately 8 checks per inch (36 in. wide, 1 1/2 yd.),
red sewing thread,
7 skeins green six-strand embroidery floss,
red rickrack,
red satin ribbon ( 3/8 in. wide, 3 yd.),
7 jingle bells,
embroidery hoops,

1. Cut gingham for skirt, 36 in. wide and 20 in. long. Cut two ties, 2  1/2 in. wide by 36 in. long. Cut waistband 19 in. long, 4 in. wide.

2. Following chart below, embroider 7 trees in green floss across bottom of skirt, with trunks 3 1/2 in. from bottom edge of fabric (center one tree and space three evenly at each side).

3. Fold waistband in half lengthwise as a guide for placing rickrack. Sew one row of rickrack across waistband just below fold, and another row 1/2 in. from front edge.

4. Make 1/4-in. hems at sides of apron skirt, and 2-in. hem at bottom. Sew a row of rickrack across bottom of skirt, under tree trunks.

5. Gather skirt top to 18 in. Fold waistband in half lengthwise and turn in both long edges. Insert gathered skirt top and stitch waistband to skirt.

6. Make narrow hems on long edges of both ties. Fold, one end of each tie in half lengthwise, with right sides facing, and stitch across. Turn right side out and open to
form point.

7. Turn in raw ends of waistband; insert raw end of ties, making a tuck in ties, and stitch across.

8. Cut ribbon in 9-in. pieces. Insert a piece of ribbon through top of each bell and tie in a bow. Tack bow and bell to top of each tree.

Place Mat: Cut gingham, 13 1/2 in. by 16 in. Embroider trees in opposite corners. Add ribbon bows. Turn 1/4-in. hems all around. Sew rickrack to edge all around.

Napkin: Cut gingham, 12 in. square. Embroider tree on one corner. Add ribbon bow. Turn 1/4-in. hem and edge all around with rickrack.


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Thanks again, JT!

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