The Simple Woman’s Daybook for Monday, July 20


Outside my window… the branches are filled with young squirrels, there are young rabbits eating in the grass. It’s the middle of the summer and the animals that were babies just a few weeks ago are out, on their own and feeling frisky! One of the young fox passes by almost every night but I haven’t seen the two together. I hope there are still two and it’s just that they’re old enough to prefer to travel and hunt alone now.

I am thinking… that I like to watch the animal families grow. I wouldn’t say their lives are effortless – they’re always busy, all of the time – but they are worry free. Maybe the young fox will get the little rabbit one day (I hope not! but the fox needs to eat to live too and he doesn’t eat clover…). Maybe he will…but the rabbit is not at all worried about it – not worried yesterday, not worried today and if I see him again tomorrow, he won’t be worried then. He’s too busy eating clover.

I am thankful for… everything.

From the learning rooms… Summer Safety Town camp is done, Maya and I will have more time to craft and read, pick blueberries and bake. She is working on earning more reading certificates from the library. We have another kid’s concert, a puppet show and a playgroup at the park to attend this week.

From the kitchen… We’ll be picking blueberries and baking cobbler, making pancakes and muffins. (last week there weren’t enough ripe berries to open for public picking and we want to wait to pick our own)

I am wearing… I had to look down to remember what I’m wearing – it’s been that sort of day. :) And it isn’t as if my wardrobe has all that much variety – once again I’m wearing black cotton drawstring pants and a gray tee shirt, bare feet.

I am creating… I’ve decided to knit my way through the 101 One Skein Wonders book that my parents gave me for my birthday last year. Finished project #1 this week.

I am going… to baby Aiden’s first birthday party this weekend. Already? So fast…

I am reading… Friendship Cake by Lynne Hinton

I am hoping… that this is the week we will have made it to the top of the senior housing waiting list? I live in Hope and Faith. It’s a good place to live – much better than worry. :)

I am hearing… the fan behind me; the footsteps of the daughter of the man who lives upstairs, visiting her Dad.

Around the house… happy, busy, quiet chaos. I hope to make that a bit neater through the week, but I probably won’t.

One of my favorite things… knitting.

A few plans for the rest of the week: a few quiet mornings, blueberry picking, a walk at the reservoir, shopping for grandchildren’s birthdays.

Here is picture thought I am sharing…
my first (of 101) one skein knitting projects. The work on the needles is a little cap (with earflaps)  to match the sweater.


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