Enjoy a Virtual 4th of July

Revisiting a post from last year’s holiday – and all of the links still work!

Maybe you can’t make it out to the fireworks this year. Don’t let that stop you from celebrating your independence! Visit these pages of online fun. Have a Happy Holiday – Grandmother Wren

1. Click mouse repeatedly in random areas to see an awesome display of fireworks – sound too!

2. Name That Shell
In this feature, familiarize yourself with the names of 18 popular firework varieties. Then test your newfound knowledge while you view six video clips from fireworks displays

3. Anatomy of a Firework
Here, put on the pyrotechnician’s hat and see a typical firework from the inside out.

4. Lady Liberty Fireworks use your mouse to create your own display over New York City

5. A very cool 4th of July fireworks screensaver – free download

6. Super list of links to videos of the best fireworks displays of 2007!

7. Cherry Bombs and Firecrackers Game:
Get the squares to line up a row. Get more points for colored squares and cherry bombs. The firecrackers and rockets will blow up the squares.

8. From PBS – Create your own fireworks show


9. Test your knowledge of Independence Day
A quiz for history buffs, one for music lovers and another for kids of all ages!

10. A United States Flag jigsaw puzzle

11. and a puzzle of the White House

12. a page of patriotic crafts for the kids from Making Friends.com

13. Wish everyone you know a Happy Independence Day with this collection of free e-cards

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