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What is Green Hour? Green Hour is a way to get kids — and their parents — off the couch, out the door and exploring the world around them. This comprehensive online resource for families offers more than just activities, it provides tools for building more fun time into busy lives. Visit, a 2008 iParenting Media Award Winner.

Based on extended secondary research of children and families in today’s society, National Wildlife Federation recommends that parents give their kids a “Green Hour” every day: an hour — or at least part of an hour — for unstructured play and interaction with the natural world. In today’s fast track world, kids are left with very little time just to be kids.

At find dozens of outdoor activities for any season, all designed to take place in any nearby green space where children can safely learn and explore: in a garden, a backyard, or the park down the street. And there’s no need to be a nature expert – parents can learn right along with their kids!

Why is this important? This generation of children spends so much time indoors that they are becoming increasingly disconnected from nature. A Kaiser Family Foundation study finds that U.S. children (ages 8 to 18) spend an average of 6.5 hours a day inside using electronic media: computers, video games, television, and MP3 players.

With the high incidence of childhood obesity, high blood pressure, attention deficit diagnoses and more, it’s a growing trend that has profound implications for the health and well-being of today’s children.
With the tools available at, parents can learn practical tips for incorporating outdoor time into family time, as well as where to find nature nearby with a free, interactive NatureFind tool. With each passing Green Hour, parents can see their children’s imaginations soar, while their stress levels drop. They can become fitter and leaner, and strengthen their immune systems.

Some ideas for outdoor exploration, recommended by the National Wildlife Federation, are:

•Organize a nature scavenger hunt
•Enjoy a five senses hike
•Explore a local nature trail
•Camp out in the backyard
•Take a nature photo safari
•Put up a bird feeder and watch for visitors
•Observe the night sky
•Plant a family tree and watch it grow

Plus, on the Green Hour website, parents and caregivers can share their family’s backyard adventures and outdoor ideas with each other at the Community Corner. The Parents’ Guide teaches how to adapt activities for different ages, experience levels and learning styles. And the Green Hour Blog presents a chorus of voices from experts, parents, authors and policy advocates on reconnecting today’s youth with nature! You’ll also find fresh content weekly, including book recommendations, crafts, recipes and more.

Isn’t it time your family had a Green Hour? Join thousands of parents and caregivers across the country and help connect today’s kids with the great outdoors and take back childhood. Sign-up today, at:

Wild Birds Unlimited and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation are proud sponsors of Green Hour.

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