The Thursday Thirteen – The Paper House – The Ultimate in Creative Recycling!


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The Paper House In Pigeon Cove
Cape Ann, Massachusetts

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3. At Pigeon Cove, there is a house made of Boston newspapers. Mr. Elis F. Stenman, with the help of his family, began in 1922 to prepare the paper material to be used in constructing the walls of this unusual house.

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5. The newspapers were made into different layers, each having been pasted and folded. The walls when finished consisted of two hundred and fifteen thicknesses.

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Approximately 100,000 copies of newspapers have been used in the construction of the house and furniture. This work was started merely as an experiment to see what could be done with newspapers without destroying the print. The experiment has proved a success both in strength and stability.

The furniture consists of the following” Table, chairs, lamps settee, all made in an octagonal motif; desk made of the Christian Science Monitor, a cot containing some papers saved since the First World War; a piano covered with paper rolls; a radio cabinet made in 1928 during Hoover’s campaign; a writing desk made of Col. C. Lindberg’s flight; a bookshelf made of newspapers from foreign countries; a grandfather’s clock, made of newspapers from the capital cities of the then 48 states; and a fireplace mantel made of the rotogravure section of the Boston Sunday Herald and New York Herald Tribune.

Work covered a period of 20 years.

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