The Simple Woman’s Daybook for Monday, June 29


Outside my window… it is actually early Sunday evening, not Monday. I wanted to be sure and have my Daybook done so that it would be here for other Daybook ladies to link to.

I am thinking… about getting a new kitchen table and using my grandmother’s table (the one I use as my kitchen table now) as my desk instead.

I am thankful for… the surprising (and fun!) number of Summer Daybookers that joined me last week. I’m so happy! I hope this trend continues – grows – through the summer.

From the learning rooms…this week begins the flurry of summer activities for Maya. We have a movie at the library tomorrow- Hotel for Dogs ; a ventriloquist show on Tuesday; if her Dad doesn’t visit on Wednesday, we’ll be going on a scavenger hunt at the museum; Thursday is a nature program about turtles.
I guess she could go to the museum with her Dad too, but it’s a scavenger hunt for kitchen and household items used by families in the 1800’s – then a comparison will be made with similar items that we use today. I’m not real sure her Dad would recognize a darning egg if it konked him on the noggin… Grampy has already opted out of this event.

From the kitchen… Russ (the name Grampy goes by on Sundays) always wants to go to Denny’s for lunch.
I’m tired of Denny’s food.
Until I tried a venture into the salad menu – thin strips of prime rib over spring greens with crumbled bleu cheese. At Denny’s? Who knew?
And if you order the half portion (plenty big enough) it’s only six bucks.

I am wearing… khaki pants, white tee shirt

I am creating… still working on the patchwork afghan for my bed; looking at cute patterns for dog toys and sweaters; finished sorting out the index on my Patternbook blog. That index was getting to be a jumbled up mess of patterns that could only get worse as I add more. I may go to separate pages – one for knit and one for crochet. But…it’s much better than it was.

I am going… to take a break after I finish here and see if the final episode of Groomer Has It has made it to On Demand yet. I want to find out which Groomer won and my eyes need a rest from the computer screen – I’ve been here most of the day.

I am reading… The Moon Under Her Feet by Clysta Kinstler

I am hoping… that I was the first person to lay claim to the doggy car seat offered in Freecycle this afternoon. I want it!

I am hearing… the fan whirring behind me. Here’s a tip if you’re renting an apartment on the first floor – ask them where the boiler is located. If it’s under your apartment, you’ll be running the fan a lot to get rid of the heat. And cursing the neighbors for using hot water to take showers.

Around the house… it’s a bit chaotic. Cluttered. Okay, messy. I’ve kind of lost my nesting instinct here while I’m waiting to move to our new place.

One of my favorite things… Summertime! And it’s Finally Stopped Raining!!!

A few plans for the rest of the week: lots of fun activities with Maya; I really do need to go grocery shopping (didn’t I say that last Monday?); a Fourth of July picnic with my family

Here is picture thought I am sharing…
We went to the zoo this week!



The Simple Woman’s Daybook originated with Peggy Hostetler at The Simple Woman blog. Peggy is on vacation for the summer – I have added a Mr. Linky widget here hoping that the Summer Daybook ladies will find it and link in.
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