Thursday 13 – Maple Sugar Season – learning activities to share with your children


1. Vermont Maple Syrup – Vermont AITC K-8 Standards-Based Maple Unit – a K-8 standards-based unit on “Maple Sugaring in Vermont”. This unit is divided into two sections, Grades K-4 and Grades 5-8. Every activity in each section is aligned to the Vermont Framework of Standards and corresponds with the 4-H Life Skills.
You can download the entire curriculum, free of charge, from the AITC website

2. How Maple Syrup is made in Connecticut

3. An Iroquois Legend – How Maple Syrup May Have Been Discovered

4. A Guide to Maple Tree health

5. Virtual Tours through the process of producing Maple Syrup

6. Maple Recipes

7. Maple Syrup production for the hobbyist

8. A unit on Maple Syrup, developed by elementary school teachers for classroom use

9. Environmental Education for Kids (EEK!) Those Marvelous Maples

10. Science project – Maple Syrup Candy

11. Another Maple Syrup Production lesson plan

12. Maple Syrup Printables – free Worksheets and Coloring pages at

13. Maya’s visit to the Maple Farm

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