This week’s Thursday Thirteen – a list of snowflake patterns and crafts

Paper snowflakes – I want to hang them in the windows – a joyful Christmas snowfall… Join me?

1. A super page of 10 different snowflake templates to print and cut (pretty easy, huh?)

2. Make a 3D paper snowflake – step by step instructions

3. Snowflake patterns to use for applique, quilting or clipart

4. Dave’s snowflake pattern page – Go Dave!

5. A bit weird – I couldn’t quite get the hang of it –
Make a virtual paper snowflake using virtual scissors? Try it…

6. These are beautiful ! I never would have tried black paper without seeing it –
Very nice

7. Here are some craft stick snowflakes for kids too young for scissors

8. A sort of spacey looking one made with toothpicks (you’re going to poke your eye out, kid…)

9. Winter white wool, sewn on sequins – quite a bit of fuss, but the results are worth it

10 Paint a delicate snowflake pattern onto blue Christmas ball ornaments

11. Snowflake graphics, photos and clip art to use in your own projects

12. A snowflake of shaped and stiffened string

13. Finishing up with an entire page of preschool snowflake, snow and snowman craft ideas
Let it Snow!

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