This is So Much Fun!

I’ve just finished adding another vintage chapter to the Christmas pages. It’s from The American Girls’ Book of Work and Play published in 1890 (pretty darn vintage, I’d say…)

This chapter is “Small Gifts for Little Fingers” with 50 ideas for gifts that children can make. I think some of these children might be a good bit “handier” than modern children, and we don’t have much of a call for penwipes anymore, but there are still many ideas here that are charming.

Here’s an example:

It’s a Clove Turtle. The directions say For these turtles take very large plump raisins, and six cloves to each. Push a clove far into the end of the raisin, until only the bud is seen. This makes the head. Put two cloves on each side for the feet; and, for the tail, work the bud end in first, and let only a little of the pointed end stick out. Small cakes frosted, with a raisin turtle standing on each, are an exciting Christmas-cake.”

While we’re on the subject of raisins – check out Jocko the Christmas Monkey from the Little Folks’ Handy Book of 1912.

He’s made out of raisins too, and there are patterns to make his little clothes from paper.

In a year when so many of us are approaching the holidays accompanied by concerns about the economy and worries of “what next?”, it is pleasantly soothing to stroll through a simpler¬†Christmastime¬†¬†of long ago.

Come visit the Christmas pages and enjoy them with me.

Merry Christmas!

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