Thirteen Free Printables Great for Gift Giving

1. A 2009 Picture Calendar – Mix and Match – choose from different themes, choose full color pages or pages for your kids (or you) to color

2. A Box of Stationary is always nice – there are some very pretty writing papers to choose from here

3. Attractive Recipe Cards – you provide the recipes for family favorites…

4. Printable food and grocery items for dolls and dollhouses – a couple of different sizes; very, very nice

5. A whole page of Printable Paper Toys from The Toymaker

6. More Toys – these are, well…different. I’d bet a nine year old boy would like them, but then I don’t know much about nine year old boys. Go see for yourself

7. Educational and Inspirational Print-a-Posters

8. Harper Collins has a lot of printables to go with their children’s books – Amelia Bedelia, Harold and the Purple Crayon, Charlotte’s Web, Lemony Snickets, more

9. Billy Bear’s Printable Awards and Certificates – dozens; ready made or design your own (I’d like the Best Grandmother Award please)

10. A Printable Nativity Set for the kids to color and put together – I stopped compiling this list long enough to print this out for my house!
11. All kinds of Scrapbook Themes, Pages and Layouts to print for the scrapbookers on your list.

12. Coupon Booklets for each member of the family. These are great! They range from promises to do chores like walking the dog, to baking a special treat, giving a massage, reading a book – you can also print blanks for your own ideas.

13. This remains my Favorite Site every year – Marilee’s Paper Dolls. She has everything (even Shirley Temple). She has printable houses and furnishings too. Very Cool!

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