Thursday Thirteen – kids and pinecones – 13 pinecone crafts

Starting with three different versions of the indomitable Pinecone Turkey – it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving in preschool without it!

1. Pinecone Turkey #1

2. Pinecone Turkey #2

3. Pinecone Turkey #3

4. Leaving the Humble Turkeys, we’ll head on over to see Martha Stewart’s take on pinecones (gosh…)

back to reality…

5. Pinecone and acorn Christmas Carolers

6. We all remember the Pinecone Birdfeeder! I’ve never been sure whether or not that whole thing about birds choking on peanut butter is real? Or an urban myth? If you’re worried about it, you can use margarine in place of the peanut butter.

7. This one is nice enough to give as a small gift – a Pinecone Woodland Angel

8. Pinecone Place Cards for the table. What I like here are the painted acorns – very pretty colors! I’ll bet you could use that weird fingernail polish from the dollar store. It would be a lot cheaper than buying the metallic paint.

9. Pinecone Doorknob Decorations – cute idea for a festive touch

10. The Pinecone Problem – an online storybook from Highlights magazine

12. Nice Pinecone Wreath (but please don’t paint it that shade of blue…)

13. Do it up Big! Make a full size Christmas Tree from pinecones!

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