Thursday Thirteen – Easy Knit and Crochet Sock Patterns

I said in a previous post that my sister knits beautiful socks.
Every time I saw her wearing her socks, I wanted to make beautiful socks too.
But I couldn’t. Or I thought I couldn’t. I didn’t think I could learn to knit. I didn’t think I could learn to knit with four needles. I didn’t think there was any other way to knit a sock. I couldn’t find a crocheted sock pattern that didn’t look hokey.
So then every time I saw my sister wearing her beautiful socks, I wanted to pull her hair.
(okay, not really.
yeah, really, sort of.

I learned to knit with four needles.
I also found a bunch of free patterns teaching how to make socks, patterns for two needle knit socks and Hey! patterns for crochet socks that are very nice.
Here’s the list:

1. Sock Knitting 101

2. Bev’s Quick Two-needle socks

3. Basic Sock Pattern in 8 sizes

4.Basic Two –needle sock pattern in 3 yarn weights

5. A really nice crochet ankle sock using sock weight yarn

6. Crochet child’s sock

7. Crochet socks – three styles from one pattern (nice, too!)

8. Same three styles from one pattern, this time for kids

9. Basic crochet thick socks

10. another “how to knit a sock” tutorial – step by step with pictures

11. Ladies simple sock on circular needles ( “simple”, so they say – I haven’t tried this!)

12. Easy beginner knit socks

13. Toe up crochet socks – the ultimate crochet socks!

Send me a picture of your finished socks from one of these patterns and I’ll post it!

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