Planning a preschool apple theme? 13 places to find ideas –

This is the perfect time of year to plan your preschool activities around an apple! It’s a bit too early for pumpkins, you can certainly overdo Halloween if you aren’t careful – so apples it is! Here’s a list of links to get you started:

1. has lots of ideas – I think her best contribution is a playlist of apple songs she’s gathered, ready for you to download, free!

2. First School has a printable worksheet and mini book for the letter A, a poster of a clown juggling apples, two online jigsaw puzzles, more…

3. Step by Step Childcare always has great stuff and her apple theme is no exception. I especially like the “stained glass” apple craft.

4. my hero – Jean Warren at Preschool Express

5. a three day unit on Johnny Appleseed covering all curriculum areas

6. KinderArt Kitchen has the recipe for making spicy scented ornaments using applesauce and cinnamon dough

7. Big and Little Apples file folder sorting game printable

8. Adding Apples file folder printable

9. Dot to Dot Apple – 1-10

10. From DLTK – an apple lacing project

11. and a page of apple crafts (DLTK is another one of my favorites!)

12. Mrs. Begg’s Kindergarten apple unit

13. close your eyes and Imagine a Trip to the Apple Orchard. (this would be a great activity for before or after a real trip to an orchard!)

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