this week’s Thursday Thirteen – homeschool/preschool: a Big List of Links

I started my Thursday Thirteen post this week intending to list thirteen of the homeschool/preschool sites I’ll be using with Maya in the upcoming “school” year.

I started to feel a little uneasy about my list.

Before being blessed by becoming Maya’s full time Grammy, I spent my working life with children between six weeks and three years old. My career spanned the time between the idea that the preschool years were a time of waiting for the child to become old enough “to do anything with” up to the present “no child left behind, universal preschool, push-push-push” mode.

The truth of the matter, I believe, lies on the midline between those two child-viewing poles.

Children learn best by playing.
Learning through play is the purpose of the preschool years.
But the reality is that most of us will be sending our children on to public school for kindergarten or first grade and the expectations for our children at that point have changed. We want our children to meet those expectations – we want to prepare them for their best experience in the world in which they are expected to live and grow.

Toward that end, my Thursday Thirteen is a link to a Thursday Three Dozen or more
Please visit’s Gateway to Preschool and Kindergarten learning activitites – articles related to homeschooling during the preschool and kindergarten years
and links to websites with lots of fun learning activities perfect for young children. The best of the best that’s on the web relating to homeschool/preschool.

Then please enjoy along with Maya as she initiates, on her own, learning how to use “the sharpenator”, solving the problem of “my colors are all worn out”…

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