Thursday Thirteen – keeping it simple – children’s birthday party ideas

The BIG List of Birthday Party Ideas
Over 150 kid’s birthday parties and favorite party themes. This is a down to earth, realistic list of birthday party themes – the kind that don’t involve hiring circus performers, donning safety gear or taking out a second mortgage on the house to pay for the party!

Indoor and Outdoor games to play at your party 
A list of Birthday Cakes to make that don’t look too awfully difficult. I love the lego cake!
Don’t forget my post on Birthday Cake cones

And my list of birthday songs!

Here’s a great article that describes appropriate parties for the age of the birthday child. There is a big emphasis on keeping things simple – Hurrah!

Birthdays in the classroom – a theme page for teachers

DLTK’s Birthday Pages – There are crafts and coloring pages throughout the site for nearly any birthday party theme imaginable. You can use the Searchfeature if you’re having difficulty locating something. Many of the theme sections have a “Birthday Ideas” section which includes suggestions for decorations, treat bag items and games! This a good site to use every day, not just birthdays!

Here is the free printables page from the same site. Everything imaginable – banners, cards, coloring pages, hats, even a pinata!

What if the birthday child or one of the little guests has allergies to deal with? Here’s an article on planning an allergy wise birthday party.

A list of sensible alternatives to those ridiculously expensive goodie bags filled with “stuff”

Another from the same forum on reducing the birthday present overload

To remember it all – Tips from Digital Photography School – How to photograph your child’s birthday party

And one more Big Page of Links – Because it’s Your Birthday!

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