Thursday Thirteen – It’s Magic!

We met someone else in our new town – a Magician! We watched him perform in a magic show at the library. His name is Dan Bowen and you can visit his website Here.

It would be a lot of fun to spend the summer learning how to do magic tricks.
It would also take up a great deal of a child’s time. (hint to Grandma…)

So without further adieu –
here’s a link to help you make your authentic Magician’s Costume and a list of thirteen magic tricks to learn

1. The Floating Card Trick Explained – Part of the Video Series Using Telekinesis in Magic Tricks

2. How To Make A Coin Vanish – another great video from the same magician

3. Easy card moves – Pull Cards from Thin Air

4. How to Break and Restore a Teaspoon!

5. The Magic Cloak

6. Some advice for beginning magicians

7. Be a Mind Reader

8. Here’s a site to sign up and receive a free magic trick every month!

9. 110 Magic Tricks With Everyday Objects – a very cool, free ebook in a pdf file

10. Jumping Head Trick – creepy!

11. Xray Vision Card Trick

12. Here’s a place to sign up for a free Daily magic trick

13. and finally – an Entire Magic School – Free!

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