Thursday Thirteen – Christmas in July

 Miss Mary of the free monthly calendar pages has another gift for us this month – a free collage sheet of Victorian Santas to begin our Christmas crafting with! She’s inspired this week’s entry into the Thursday Thirteen

Christmas In July!
Her collage sheet
is #1.

#2. A Paperback Christmas tree. They also have a paperback Santa and a paperback snowman. (Remember those trees we made out of Reader’s Digest magazines at Girl Scout meetings? Lovely…)

#3. Here’s the Christmas craft index from the All Free Crafts site – it’s too good not to share

#4. A set of eight crafts for baby’s first Christmas

# 5. and eight Christmas stockings, all done with simple sewing

#6. two cabled knit Christmas stockings – these are going to be a bit tougher to do!

#7. You could knit a nativity scene

#8. or make a nativity scene from plastic canvas

#9. an old fashioned Granny square Christmas afghan (don’t forget the Warm Up America project for this one!)

#10. crochet beaded snowflakes to hang on your tree. I love these! Start now and you’ll have a blizzard of ornaments for Christmas time.

#11. basic Christmas patterns for applique, quilting or even clipart – trees, angels, gingerbread men…

#12. or is cross stitch your thing? Here’s a list

#13. Finish it up with Christmas ‘Round the World (Wide Web)

Joy to the World!
And to all…a good night.

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