Thursday Thirteen – Grand Adventures for grandparents, parents and grandchildren – without going far from home

adventure.jpg  It’s Here! – the time you’ve been waiting for – a Whole Summer to spend with your child!

Now what?

I’ve put together a list of 100 Grand Adventures, most of which can be found very close to home.  Here are thirteen of my favorites. You can find the other 87 on Grandmother Wren’s activity page by clicking here.

By making field trips a part of your projects, you are giving your child the opportunity to learn first hand about the world around her – a hands on, real world exploration involving the whole child.

Use the suggestions below as a springboard for trips of your own, adapting the ideas to your neighborhood or region. Most field trips for children will be more successful if you let your destination know ahead of time when you’ll be visiting.
I have found that mailing a brief note works better than making a phone call –
almost always someone “in charge” will get back to you and offer a time that is good for you to visit. Remember to bring your camera and a notebook to record your child’s ideas and impressions while on your trip. You can add them to your project memory book when you return home.

Make it a safe trip and Have Fun!

1. go to the Grocery Store – make it a “non -shopping” trip this time and spend time in different areas of the store : produce, fish, bakery

2. go Fishing

3. visit the Post Office

4. enjoy your Local, State and National Parks

5. go site seeing on a University Campus

6. take a Taxi or a City Bus

7. check out a Construction Site

8. visit the Senior Citizen’s Center – many have lunch programs that welcome guests – call ahead for reservations

9. your Local Library is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon

10. believe it or not, if your kids aren’t familiar with it a Laundromat is a fascinating place

11. a Craft Supply Store or Craft Consignment Shop is great for inspiration

12. check out the Dog Groomer

13. don’t forget your own back yard in all its manifestations – day/night, sun/rain, camping…

I had a hard time picking just thirteen adventures out of one hundred – please be sure to visit the rest of the list when you have time –
you’ll find it at Grandmother Wren’s Here

13ers_3.jpeg and don’t forget the other Thursday Thirteeners – click here

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