Thursday Thirteen – Fun Ideas for your water or sensory bin

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I’ve put together a page of ideas for filling your water or sensory bin (and getting the kids busy for a blessedly long time…) Here’s a list of the first thirteen, there are fifty in all – fifty one if you count water – visit my page to see the rest.

1. Sand

2. Uncooked pasta shapes

3. Rice

4. Pine cones

5. Corn meal

6. Dry cereal

7. Oatmeal

8. Beads

9. Playdoh

10. Feathers

11. Goop
( a mixture of ½ cornstarch, ½ water)

12. Fresh clipped grass

13. Dried peas, beans, lentils

and, since technically the theme of this week’s Thursday Thirteen is “something gross” – here’s a recipe for “clean mud”. I’d say it was gross. The kids love it.

Clean Mud Recipe

1 roll white toilet tissue
1 cup soap flakes
1 ½ cups water

Mix soap flakes and water in the bin until soap is dissolved.
Help your child to tear the toilet tissue into small pieces and toss them into the bin.
Mix with your hands to make mud
the more you mix, the softer and squishier your mixture will be.

The mud can be stored in a covered container in the refrigerator for reuse.

Remember to visit my page for 37 more bin filling ideas

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