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I have a double duty post this week because I’m so excited and happy! Ever since our dear little girl came into our lives four years ago, I have dreamed of a doll trunk full of clothes for a favorite doll, all lovingly made by Grammy. The problem was – Miss Maya did not care much for dolls. The little Kelly dolls she picked up by their long hair, then flung them away from her as if she had found a rat by mistake. The baby doll was ignored unless her mother or I tried to cuddle it to show her how – then she would come over and slap it a good one. This Christmas I bought her a Terri Lee doll. I bought one for me, too. Someone was going to have my dream doll trunk! We named the dolls Nancy and Patsy and they remained pretty much ignored.

Then came the day I’d been waiting for! Maya was rummaging around in one of the boxes I had packed for our move in July and she found them – Nancy and Patsy. It didn’t set right with her that they were stuffed in a box, so she rescued them. And began to play. Happy Day – she began to play. nancyandpatsy.jpg

Grammy began making doll clothes.

Thirteen Great Places to find doll clothes patterns

1. A page of over 100 links to free crocheted doll clothes and doll patterns. This gal has a great site with hundreds of crochet and craft links. Be sure to add her to your favorites for future use.

2. A free sewing pattern for a cute little dropped waist dress to fit the 18” American Girl dolls. (you can alter it easily to fit other dolls of a similar size. I do.) What’s fun on this page is that she includes more than a dozen links to other sites that have used her pattern to make variations on the basic dress. Lots of great ideas from one pattern.

3. Another page with a collection of links to crocheted doll clothes, dolls and toys.

4. Okay – we aren’t into Barbies at our house yet, but it would be just plain selfish for me not to share this find – An entire book of Barbie doll patterns (64 pages) free in a pdf file.

5. Knit a pair of socks for your favorite doll

6. Here’s a page with suggestions for making your own patterns. Frankly, it looks a bit beyond my sewing skill – but try it.

7. Two Hour Doll Clothes This book isn’t free – I found my copy at a used book store – but it’s definitely worth buying. All of the patterns are full size and each pattern can be traced to fit either 12”, 14″, 16″ or 18″ dolls. Lots of patterns and detailed directions ( I need those).


8.  I’m waiting for these two to arrive in the mail. (Let’s hope Grampy doesn’t read my Thursday Thirteens…. Hah – it’s about doll clothes. He’d never get this far) I got a good deal on these because I bought them as a pair, I can’t say if I like them or not – haven’t seen them yet – but they look good, don’t they? Matching girl and doll sweaters? Cool. If you’re almost four years old. If you’re in middle school – well, maybe that Grammy could make them for someone else.




 Okay – back to free – my favorite kind!

9. An easy gathered ballet tutu

10. Every well dressed doll needs underpants!

11. And Shoes!

12. Another page of links – knit for all size dolls

13. I want this book next – The Storybook Wardrobe. Can’t you just see it? A copy of The Wizard of Oz and a Cowardly Lion outfit? Little Red Riding Hood? Alice in Wonderland?


Grammy is very happy!

Here’s what I’ve done so far –

patsy.jpg Patsy was first with a new pants and top recycled from the material of an infant dress of Maya’s. Patsy had to be first because her original outfit was pajamas. Maya was very sure that Patsy could not play outside in pajamas. She couldn’t borrow Nancy’s dress either. That one is a party dress. Geesh, Gram…

Once Patsy was dressed properly for outdoor play, I started making a nightgown for Nancy. I’m using the material from a peasant blouse because really? No self-respecting 53 year old grandmother should be still wearing peasant blouses in public, no matter how devout a hippie she once was. shirt.jpg I crocheted the top of Nancy’s nightgown and trimmed it with lace cut from the shirt. nightgown.jpg All that’s left is to gather the waist of the skirt that I made from one sleeve of the shirt and sew it on to the bodice of the nightgown. nightgown2.jpg

I’d love to hear from other doll clothes making Mom’s and Grandmom’s. Leave a comment, leave a link, I’ll post some pictures…fun!

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